TCBL Agreement

Members of the TCBL Association give and receive. All Labs, Businesses and Service Providers shall underwrite this commitment towards rights and obligations.

In TCBL, our vision is framed by goals - what we do, values - the ethical framing, and methods - how we do it.

  • The TCBL goals aim to transform the T&C industry towards sustainability - more ecological, more circular, more fair, more responsible, more rewarding - by bringing technological, social, cultural and business model innovation to T&C value chains. TCBL members give by helping to identify key barriers and opportunities and receive by becoming part of a prosperous and forward-looking movement for change.
  • The TCBL values frame these goals within a shared cultural ethos. The seven values identified are: curiosity, viability, durability, multiplicity, openness, respect, and responsibility. Every TCBL member agrees to abide by these values in all activities within the Association, giving by setting the example and receiving by learning from others on how to apply them in their work and practice.
  • The TCBL methods are based on experimentation, collaboration, and reflection. TCBL Association members give by actively participating in collaborative innovation experiments and receive the resulting benefits to their businesses and communities, which are made visible through evaluation and reflection.

To affirm common alignment with the TCBL vision, every member shall sign the TCBL Agreement, in which specific rights and obligations are identified in relation to each of the seven values. In this way, every member of the Association is assured that all others share the same commitment to work towards the common goals with shared values and methods.