Shemakes book "Welcoming Differences" a resource in gender and innovation for T&C

The Horizon 2020 funded shemakes project (2021-2022) explored how we can develop an opportunity ecosystem to boost the role of women in the textile and clothing sector. Its final results are published in the book "Welcoming Differences."

From the shemakes website it is now possible to download the PDF of the book Welcoming Differences, which derives from the project's final conference of the same title that was part of TCBL Days 2022. Its contents encompass the voices of the project's many participants and particularly of the partners and labs who led shemakes activities for over 2000 girls and women in two years.

The book’s four sections illustrate shemakes key results:

  • Inspire provides important academic and business background in gender and innovation thinking;
  • Share describes the results of the project and provides models for opportunity ecosystems;
  • Voice emphasizes the experience of major pollinators and energizers of this ecosystem, including partners, new labs and ambassadors;
  • Impact reflects on the mechanisms that drove our success and keeps asking questions for the future.

Head to the shemakes website to download your free copy of the book.