TCBL Days 2022

The annual event about ingredients for sustainability in the textile & clothing industry

3—30 Nov 2022

Sustainability is multifaceted: there is no one-stop solution or simple recipe to make the textile, clothing and fashion industry truly sustainable right now. Real sustainability can only be achieved through a holistic vision in which all of the ingredients for sustainability come together and reinforce each other.

Each year at TCBL Days we focus on some of these ingredients. For 2022 we’re looking at circularity, bio-based, and inclusivity.

These themes represent the current research direction of TCBL participation in on-going EU-funded projects: Wintex (university-based innovation hubs in Tunisia). Herewear (local bio-based fibres and fabrics), and shemakes (creating a gender innovation ecosystem).

The hybrid and diffused events will provide inspiration, case studies and opportunities to meet with people leading the way in the sector. Three public events include keynote speeches on each of the three themes, while two invitation-only events explore university collaboration and strategic plans for the TCBL Association.

All keynote events will be live streamed on TCBL's Facebook and YouTube channels.

Local project-related roundtables and other discussions may be open to the public, see individual project websites for information.