TCBL Days 2022

The annual event about ingredients for sustainability in the textile & clothing industry

3—30 Nov 2022

This is the overall schedule for TCBL Days 2022. For single event details such as speaker names and talks, as well as about the possibility of attending in person, please see the individual project's website.

Wintex, 3 november, Athens

Circular Design

Which circular design methods and tools can support academia and industry innovation hubs?


Keynotes and debate

Live stream available online, Wintex Facebook and TCBL YouTube and Facebook.

Herewear, 23 November, Arles (Atelier Luma)

Biobased Models

How can a local production model with bio-based fibres and fabrics start a new bio-based value chain?


Keynotes and first results

Live stream available online on Herewear YouTube and Facebook, TCBL Facebook.


Workshop on bio-based models

In-person only

shemakes, 30 November, Amsterdam (Waag textile lab)

Welcoming Differences

How can an “opportunity ecosystem” bridge today’s gender and innovation gap in the textile and clothing industry?


Keynotes and results

Live stream available online on shemakes YouTube and Facebook, TCBL Facebook


Conversations on the shemakes opportunity ecosystem

Live stream available online on shemakes YouTube and Facebook.


Workshop on further local applications

In-person only

TCBL Jam networking sessions

14, 21, 28 November | Online only, 17 CET


5-minute pitches to present what you, your company or your lab is currently doing in the sustainable T&C industry, followed by group discussion.

Who can pitch

Sign up to pitch if you've been involved in the past in TCBL Project, shemakes, Herewear, or if you're interested in becoming a TCBL member.


Let others in the TCBL network know about who you are, what you do, and what you value. Learn about others. Explore opportunities for collaboration.

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Join the zoom if you're interested in meeting "people like you" - people interested in changing the T&C industry for the better!

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