2020-2024 // Herewear

The EU-funded HEREWEAR project will contribute to the creation of the EU market for locally produced circular textiles and clothing made from bio-based resources. Emerging sustainable technologies for wet and melt spinning of cellulose from waste streams and bio-based polyesters will be developed and piloted at a semi-industrial scale.

HEREWEAR will also work on yarn and fabric production as well as coating and colouring with bio-based agents. Further, the project aims to significantly reduce the release of microfibres via measures for the textile manufacturing process, and maximise the sustainability and circularity of clothing through connecting regional microfactories. Guidelines and a database will be provided to support the design of fashion goods, with focus on bio-based materials and reuse/recycling. Finally, garment prototypes will demonstrate the HEREWEAR circular bio-based concept.


Type of project

Horizon 2020
Total budget € 7.044.208
Lead partner Centexbel
Project website herewear.eu