CirCoAX offers up to €12k funding for circular projects

As strategic partner of the CirCoAX project, TCBL is pleased to announce their open call for SME's that will provide up to €12,000 funding and additional support to 30 EU-based SMEs in the sustainable or circular T&C sector.

CircularInnoBooster Fashion and Textile is a project funded by the Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (COSME) of the European Union. The programme seeks to boost Fashion & Textile SME transition towards regenerative, circular and sustainable businesses.

CircularInnoBooster is launching a unique Business Support Scheme CirCoAX, aiming to accelerate and scale up innovation applications for a sustainable and circular fashion industry. CirCoAX is offering an 8 month programme designed to transform businesses in the F&T industry into regenerative, circular and sustainable ones by applying a progressive and innovative approach. It has a holistic approach to the circular economy based on the principles of regenerative business design, people-centred design and models of community engagement. The objective is to implement the widest application of circularity, considering the environmental, social and economic dimensions in a balanced way.

CirCoAX Programme (by CircularInnoBooster) applies a progressive and innovative approach, taking into account a holistic and systemic perspective of the circular economy based on regenerative business design principles, human process designs and community participation models. The aim is to use circularity in its broadest sense, balancing the environmental, social and economic dimensions. It also takes a cross-border perspective to implement interregional and cross-border cooperation, assisting companies in transferring knowledge and best practices of sustainable and circular fashion and textiles.

The CirCoAX Programme (by CircularInnoBooster) invites innovative project ideas and developing projects led by SMEs, which include self-employed professionals, or a team creating a start-up. The programme will accelerate 30 projects from concept to market, with experts and mentors guiding the business support scheme. The acceleration programme will include technical, business and direct financial support (paid as a 100% lump sum) to assist the beneficiaries in the development and implementation of innovative applications, products, processes, new business models, new brand-building strategies, and sustainable circular fashion and textile concepts.

The OPEN CALL began July 19, 2021, and closes October 13, 2021. Interested SMEs should read the call and documentation available on the Circoax website.