shemakes project announces open call for labs

The project, of which TCBL is lead partner, announces an open call for labs to get funding for activities that promote gender equality in the fashion, T&C sector. This is a big opportunity for TCBL Labs!

Shemakes is holding an open call for 12 new Labs to join their labs network. Winning labs will each receive €15,000 to carry out community activities that advance the role of women in the fashion, textile and clothing industry.

Labs may be innovation labs, connected to research institutions or cultural centers, fablabs, incubators or more, as long as they are working on projects in the T&C industry and are dedicated to furthering the role of women. Many of the TCBL Labs, for example, would qualify for this call.

The Deadline for applications is November 30, 2021 - find details and documentation on the shemakes call for labs website.