Re-Fashion challenge to accelerate textile industry’s circular development

The French eco-fashion organisation offers EU brands 50% funding to launch sustainable products on the market over the next three years. Applications are open until Nov 30.

Re_Fashion, the French eco-fashion organisation is looking for new industrial and commercial solutions to optimize textile and footwear recycling, and accellerate the development of a more circular industry in synergy with other sectors with a demand for recycled materials (eg. building, automobile etc.).


The Innovation Challenge 2020 is open to all French and EU companies, individuals, associations and other doers, makers and change creators with an innovative idea in two strategic areas:

  1. Preparation of Materials derived from used textiles and footwear:
  • Sorting techniques, methods for characterising, separating and preparing materials
  • Optimising reverse logistics and scaling up material deposits


  1. Incorporation of Recycled Materials from textile/footwear waste within products for other sectors (building, automobile, etc.)


  • Creating recycled materials that can be used by several industries (e.g.: plastic pellets, flocking material)
  • Creating products (non textile nor footwear)


A scientific committee will select the winning projects. Each of them will receive funding for 50% of the total projects’ costs. Costs eligible for funding include: expenses for project implementation, engineering, environmental assessment, transportation, staff. Subcontracting expenses, provided that the cost of these services is less than or equal to 50% of the total project cost

Applications are open until November 30. For full details visit this link.