2020-2022 // Shemakes.eu

Empowering future female innovators of the sustainable fashion industry through inspiration, skills and networks.

Shemakes has the goal of empowering female innovators in the T&C industry using a three-pronged approach of inspiration, skills acquisition and networking. This is done by creating what we call “opportunity structures” and business environments (that may be circular, sustainable and near-shored) that enable women to move into roles of increasing power and income through access to hard skills, technology and innovation as well as through community and business engagement activities.

The TCBL model of using labs to test innovations, as well as centres for learning, is here combined with the experience of Fabricademy, a transdisciplinary educational program that focuses on the development of new technologies and approaches in the textile industry.

The project expects to produce a range of concrete impacts on textile and clothing manufacturing in at least ten European countries and provide a roadmap for policy change, making it replicable on an even larger scale. We envisage a more circular sustainable fashion industry guided by concepts of equality, innovation and openness, in which female creativity, craftswomanship and compassion are recognized as drivers of success.


Type of project

Horizon 2020
Total budget € 1.495.031
Lead partner CEDECS-TCBL
Project website shemakes.eu