TCBL Days 2021

Ingredients for sustainability

Circular | Creative | Local | Inclusive


11 November 2021 to 02 December 2021 online
Sustainability is multifaceted: there is no one-stop solution or simple recipe to make the textile, clothing and fashion industry truly sustainable right now. It goes beyond technical elements like new materials or recycling, it’s more than just ensuring ethical and social fairness, and it cannot be resolved by creativity and design alone. Real sustainability can only be achieved through a holistic vision in which all of the ingredients for sustainability come together and reinforce each other.

Four ingredients are the focus of the month-long TCBL Days 2021: we’ll look at people and projects addressing solutions that are circular, creative, bio-based, and inclusive.

These four ingredients represent the current research direction of TCBL through the network’s participation in on-going EU-funded projects. TCBL Days is the umbrella under which to look at the concrete results of Herewear (local bio-based fibres and fabrics), Creativewear Plus (creativity and collaboration), and shemakes (gender innovation).

The hybrid and diffused event will provide inspiration, case studies and networking* with people leading the way in the sector.

Visibility Opportunity

Are you doing something new and cool related to the themes of TCBL Days 2021? If you're a TCBL Member (listed in our directory) you're invited to submit your topic for visibility during our Jam Sessions.

Sign up to present at a Jam Session on this Google Form by November 4, 2021.

Sponsorship Opportunity

TCBL Days offers four levels of sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors are highlighted in the event app, on social media, and can access other visibility options based on the level. To discuss sponsorship for your company, please reach out to Jesse Marsh (

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