TCBL Days is back in November 2022!

TCBL Days is back in 2022 with further reflections on the "ingredients for sustainability".

Each year, the TCBL Days event is a multi-date, hybrid opportunity for T&C industry experts and enthusiasts to get together to reflect upon the multi-faceted ingredients that together will come together to create a more sustainable world.

In 2022, we're focusing on circularity, bio-based, and inclusivity, themes related to three EU-funded project that CEDECS-TCBL (our service company) is involved in.

Once again, TCBL Days will also be an opportunity to meet new and old members and to "network" in what we call Jam Sessions. These are five-minute pitch opportunities and we invite you to sign up to participate in one by filling out this form.

See the full schedule for this year's event

To participate online, simply watch the live streams (and comment with your questions!) on TCBL's Facebook and YouTube channels.