TCBL Days 2018

New Horizons for the Textile and Clothing Industry

29 May—30 May 2018 | Prato, Italy

Day 1 - Prato, Italy

Venue: Centro Pecci | Viale della Repubblica 277, Prato


TCBL_Live is our TED style module that includes six, intense, 18-minute talks. Speakers are emergent, cutting-edge innovators who give a personal angle on how they are making their vision reality. The line-up consists of a mix of international and local speakers, coached and coordinated by Niki Ernst, an official “TEDx Ambassador”.

Session One


Registration & Welcome Coffee

Followed by welcome addresses by:

  • Matteo Biffoni, Mayor of Prato
  • Stefano Ciuoffo, Assessor of Productive Activities, Tuscany Region
  • Cristiana Perrella, Director of the Pecci Museum



Niki Ernst
Founder | IACy


Safer Chemicals in Fashion

Marco Ricchetti, Sustainability Lab
Brands call for more transparency, but the landscape is cluttered with compliance requirements. A story of Cannibals and Forks.


Testing Provenance

Neliana Fuenmayor, Transparent Company
A case study involving the use of the Provenance blockchain service to track the history of clothing products for transparent sustainability.


Opening up On-line Opportunities

Nicola Antonelli, Luisa Via Roma  
How e-commerce platforms can be flexibly used by emergent brands targeting sustainable fashion.


Networking Coffee Break

During the break, it will be possible to visit the exhibitions of the Centro Pecci.

Session Two


Salvatore Ferragamo's Sustainable Passion

Veronica Tonini, Ferragamo S.p.A.  
From supply chain monitoring to circular business models, from environmental protection to cultural anchoring in the brand’s distinguished history.


Circular services and transparency

Nin Castle, Reverse Resources
A look at how the Reverse Resources textile leftover marketplace addresses the barrier of an opaque fashion industry.


The Circular Double Loop

Ina Budde, Circular Fashion
How circular design principles need to and can connect with circular production and consumption patterns.


The circular economy of education

Stefano Mangini, Polimoda
Will students be drivers of change? Or just victims? When students become teachers and teachers become students.



Lunch will be held at the Centro Pecci.

TCBL Local

Visits to local yarn, weaving, dyeing and recycling sites - BY INVITATION ONLY


Lanificio Ricceri

Made in Italy fabrics excellence

Lanificio Ricceri, founded 1925, is one of the most important textile companies in Prato. It includes all the stages of processing such as wool washing, carbonizzo, carded spinning, twisting, dyeing and finishing. They are very involved in environmental sustainability issues, and in creation of a chemical management system aimed at reducing chemicals in production processes, in line with main brands’ requirements.

For more information:

Linea Più Italia

World leader in the field of yarns for the knitwear industry

Lineapiù has done much to revolutionize the history of knitwear, starting in 1987, when it presented the first 100% viscose yarn. Since 1975, Lineapiù has created over 4,000 yarns, over 30,000 knitted swatches and thousands of experimental knitted garments. This wealth of materials is preserved in the company’s historical archives.

For more information:

Urban trekking

Urban trekking to visit Prato’s Industrial Archeology; an approximately 2km long don’t miss-circuit! During the tour you will visit some of the most fascinating abandoned textile factories:

  • Lanificio Calamai
  • Il Fabbricone
  • Cimatoria Leopoldo Campolmi
  • the former Fabbrica Lucchesi

TCBL Night


CreativeWear Fest

Installations, performances, DJ Sets and more creativity inspired by the textile industry.