TCBL Days 2023

The annual event about ingredients for sustainability in the textile & clothing industry

Connecting networks for sustainability
14—30 Nov 2023

15 November

Future fashion innovators: how education and training will reshape the T&C industry

What is the range of models in textile, clothing and fashion education? Looking at Master's degrees to vocational training, we'll consider hands-on action learning to cross disciplinary barriers, address gender equality, and promote Industry 4.0 and industrial transitioning. The three consecutive morning sessions will be introduced and moderated by Petra Garajova.

10-11 CET

Action and research to promote gender based innovation

Led by Fabricademy with contributions from the shemakes project. Alumni from Fabricademy will present their work:

  • Dinesh Kumar
  • Anna Cain
  • Laura Civetti
  • Annah-Ololade Sangosanya
Petra Garajova
Fabricademy Instructor | IAAC Fab Lab Barcelona
Laura Civetti
Fashion tech designer
Anna Cain
Fabricademy alumni
Annah-Ololade Sangosanya
PhD student in microbiology | AOS biodesigns

11-12 CET

Cross-disciplinary collaboration in biobased textile innovation

Led by UAL London. Contributions from the Herewear project.

  • Gemma Metheringham
  • Ioana Beresford 
  • Katy de Beer
  • Wiebke Busch
  • Yue Liu

12-12:30 CET

Learning methods, tools, & practices for a circular economy

Contributions from the Transitions project.

Anastasia Pistofidou
Co-Founder | Fabtextiles & Fabricademy

16 CET

Debate: Common challenges for a learning ecosystem

Petra Garajova, Rosie Hornbuckle, Mariangela Lavanga, and Anastasia Pistofidou lead a discussion on how education and training can promote the twin transition of the fashion industry. Moderated by Daniele Clutier.

Petra Garajova
Fabricademy Instructor | IAAC Fab Lab Barcelona
Mariangela Lavanga
Associate Professor of Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship | Erasmus University Rotterdam

23 November, Iasi, Romania

Biotextiles: Bioeconomy meets textiles

Can we connect two disparate fields, that of bioeconomy with the circular textile industry? Both will be participating in a conference in Iasi, Romania called "Clusters meet Regions". We've united them in a roundtable discussion to identify opportunities for collaboration to create biobased textiles on a local level.

This project has received European Union's Horizon 2020 fundings

14:30-16.00 EEST

Roundtable with key partners from the Biorural, RuralBioUp, Hemp Club, RegioGreenTex and CLOTH projects. Moderated by Luca Leonardi.

30 November

Roundtable: Can fashion ever be sustainable? Fast, slow, ethical & luxury go head to head

What are the challenges and opportunities for collaboration between the different sectors of fashion? In this online roundtable, leading figures in the field will address the real sustainability of the four main fashion areas: fast, luxury, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible fashion.

10:30-12 CET

This roundtable, moderated by Alexandra Korey, will be live-streamed on TCBL's YouTube channel.

Alexandra Korey
Project manager | Flod
Pasi Ainasoja
Natural Indigo Finland
David Alonso
Sustainability Manager | Tally Weijl
Paola Bertola
Professor | Politecnico di Milano
Cédric Dauch
Communications Director | FYSB Communicatins Paris
Pauline Guesné
General Manager | Induo & Refact