TCBL Days 2019

Connecting Patterns for Sustainability

28 May—29 May 2019 | Iasi, Romania

Day 2 - 29 May, 2019

Venue: National University of Arts George Enescu, Caudella Hall, Strada Costache Negruzzi 7-9, Iasi


Leading keynote speakers will address the main issues facing the T&C industry today.


Registration and welcome coffee


Welcome Addresses

  • John Cleuren, European Commission DG Research
  • Cornelia Brustureanu, Prodean of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, National University of Arts George Enescu of Iaşi
  • Mihai Lupu, Manager of FIT (Future in Textile Association) and FEPIC (Creative Industries Employers Federation)
  • Marius Alexa, CEO Arhipelago Interactive


TCBL_Live is our TED style module that includes six 18-minute talks that are staged and filmed in order to produce quality videos. Speakers at TCBL_Live are emergent, cutting-edge innovators, and their talks give a personal angle on how they are realising their vision. The line-up consists of a mix of international and local speakers, who are all coached and coordinated by Niki Ernst, an official “TEDx Ambassador”.



Niki Ernst
Founder | IACy

Session One: Emergent Patterns


Tradition vs Mass-market

How mass production is affecting cultural identity


Back to the Future

Recovering hemp and other natural fibres for sustainable value chains


Towards the circular economy

The convergence of branding and innovation: powerful stories and new technologies redesigning fashion futures

Véronique Allaire S
Founder | Brandemotion


Networking break

During the break, visits to exhibitions in Caudella Hall

Session Two: Fashion Forward


Clean and slow fashion

Reduction of waste and re-education – vehicles to build a new culture of garments and clothing


Trends in Fashion and Technology

How creative people are changing fashion in France and how new technologies can transform fashion or not

Alice Gras
Hall Couture


Making Sustainable Fashion Profitable

Environmental and ethical commitments behind the successful Ioana Ciolacu brand


Lunch at Caudella Hall


Moderator: Francesco Molinari

TCBL_Jam showcases the stories and aspirations of different types of TCBL Associates. One of the most vibrant and popular sessions at #TCBL, Jam consists of four rounds, each with a rapid sequence of 5’ presentations followed by time for questions and discussion. Moderator: Francesco Molinari.

Jam Session One


Round one: Circular

  • Jérémie Blache, Pili / Associate / "Sugar dyes"
  • Ben Chartoire, Pimpampost / Service / "Circular logistics"
  • Jorge Ribeiro, Givaware / Associate / "Recycled felt"
  • Mylène L’Orgilloux, Milan Avant JC / Lab / "Fashion without waste"
  • Charles Reboux, Gorfoo / Associate / "Hemp fibres"


Discussion and interaction


Round two: Transparent

  • Alexia Tronel, Itinérance / Associate / "Mediterranean style"
  • Besnik Mehmeti, Textile Museum / Lab / "Heritage and design"
  • Alexandra Ungurean, AIU DesignLab / Associate / "Transparent design" f
  • Davide Squarise, EWT / Service / "Talking quality label"
  • Donatien Mourment, Tekyn / Service / "Sustainable logistics"
Alexia Tronel
Co-founder | Itinérance


Discussion and interaction


Coffee and networking break

Jam Session Two


Round three: Human

  • Sorin Chiriac, Sense / Associate / "Sustainable fashion"
  • Loredana Introini, Sartoria Sociale / Lab / "Social sewing"
  • Dusanka Herman / Associate / "Silk clothes as art"
  • Darko Krajnc, Hisa Sadesi Druzbe / Lab / "Social upscaling"
  • Lenka Puh & Petra Green, COF / Lab / "Fashion co-working"
Petra Grmek Green
Designer | Sans Concept / Brandi & Bandi doo


Discussion and interaction

Round four: Digital

  • Fabien Calleia, Sizease / Service / "Get the right size"
  • Thomas Fisher, DITF / Lab / "Simulate-Print-Cut for Industry 4.0"
  • Antonio Giacalone, Modart / Associate / "Made to measure"
  • Chloé Salmon Legagneur, ESTIA / Lab / "Creative technology" - not present in person


Discussion and interaction


Next is our opportunity to welcome new Associates and announce our plans for the coming year, including the venue for the next edition of #TCBL.


Welcoming ceremony

for new TCBL Foundation Members, Labs and Associates

Jesse Marsh
Project Manager | Atelier Studio Associato


Announcement of #TCBL_2020